Time to Order a Banner

You have decided that you want a banner that is at least 20 square feet. So you call 2 banner printing companies.   BEEP, BOP, BEEP.

Which company would you hire?

The banner company charges 17 dollars a square foot just for the banner material. 

How much for 1 banner?
How much for 3 banners?

Design you banner on a separate sheet of paper and upload it. 

Upload File

Are you happy with your banner decisions?

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What strategies do you use when multiplying?
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Customer Service

Thank you for calling Signs, SigNs, SIGNS! This is Bob. We can print signs that are 3 foot by 5 foot. Can I place your order?


Thank you for Family Banner! This is Ramona, how can I help?

We can print signs that are 4 foot by 5 foot. Can I place your order?


Use Complete Sentences

Take your time and think about what you want on the banner. You will need your logo, name of the business. You will also need to let people know what you sell.

Don't Forget

the cost of banner materials