How many of you like to pamper your pup? 

Dog Spa

AARF! Did you Say Treats? 

I love treats. My name is Fido, will you make me some treats?


I have found that the best way to pamper that 4 legged friend is through the tummy!

Mr. Griffin and His Dog Treat Business

You have decided to open your own treat business and flex your creative math skills in the process!

Designing a Logo 

Designing a Banner

Designing a Business Card

logo 10.png

Hello! I am Charlie... Mr. Griffin's Pup and inspiration! We started our business 2 years ago and I am on the logo! 

Dog's Portrait

Hey YOU! Yeah YOu! I'M dakota, I deserve a treat!

Facebook Advertising

Twitter Advertising

Advertising Plan

Chihuahua Shopping

Shopping List

Let's Bake Bacon Bites

Let's Bake Blueberry Muffins

Let's Bake Pumpkin Scoops

Dog Portrait

Keep Up the Barkworthy Work

Which Markets Should You Sell At? 

Dog on Blue

Time to Make More!